‘Regents Review’ Returns to Aid Students Preparing for State Exams

Regents Review 2.0 prepares learners for the New York State Regents exams.
For each Regents exam there is a one-hour long exam review video. Some of the videos are also broken into shorter clips for those looking for help with a particular topic. The teachers involved in creating these videos formulated lists of recommended online resources for further study – check them out! The video programs are also broadcast by all New York State public television stations – including WSKG. The schedule of air dates for WSKG TV is listed below.

Being Poor: Meet ALICE, the Working Poor

This episode is the fifth in the new six-part series “Being Poor in New York State.” WCNY director of public affairs, Susan Arbetter hosts this program where we explore what it looks like to live in New York State without enough food, clothing, housing, money or means.  Being poor often means a daily struggle to fight a system seemingly stacked against those on the margins of society, while also fighting against desperation and hopelessness. In this WCNY six-part “Connect: NY” series, viewers are exposed to the world of poverty in New York State and the choices and sacrifices both the urban and rural poor must make every day to survive. Who are the working poor?  If you are working one job or multiple jobs, is it still possible to fall short financially when it comes to affording the basic necessities of life? The United Way’s study of financial hardship, nicknamed “ALICE” referring to Asset Limited,Income Constrained, Employed individuals aims to answer these questions and provide a broader picture of financial insecurity than just state and federal poverty guidelines.

Being Poor: Poverty on the Edge

The Fulton/Oswego area is often covered in the news for their issues related to their struggling business and economic challenges.  But, why?  What is the story behind these once thriving communities with strong agricultural, industrial and power producing potential?  In this beautiful area, located in the northern, central area of the state, many struggle to find jobs where they can sustain a lifestyle above the poverty level.  Skilled employees travel hours to find part time work, and many others have fled the area altogether. Connect: NY spoke with the Mayor of Fulton, two Oswego County Councilmen, the historians for Oswego and Fulton as well as workforce development participants to understand the struggling economy in this once prosperous region. Panelists joining the show:

Karla DiGirolamo – NYS Community Action Executive Director 
Joseph Rotella, Oswego County Workforce Development Executive Director 
Lindy Glennon, Cortland County Community Action Executive Director
David Kay, Senior Extension Associate – Community and Regional Development Institute (CARDI), Department of Development Sociology Fellow, Atkinson Center for Sustainable Future Affiliate, Program on Infrastructure Policy
Ken Pokalsky, Vice President of Government Relations, NYS Business Council
Watch this new episode on Monday, April 17, 2017 at 9:00pm. 
Join us as we uncover compelling and unexpected stories throughout New York State and the history and systemic forces influencing current realities. Connect: NY is produced by WCNY (Syracuse, NY) and aired in partnership with WSKG.