New York State Assembly: Always In Session

The U.S. Senate plans to use procedural maneuvers to technically stay in session even when senators eventually go home for the Labor Day recess. Their intent is to prevent President Donald Trump from making any unwelcome recess appointments while they are away.  In Albany, taking steps to keep the legislative chambers open is nothing new. On a day earlier this week, Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy stood on the podium in the vast Assemblychamber. She banged the gavel, and began what sounded like an ordinary day in the state Legislature.  “Visitors are invited to join members in the Pledge of Allegiance,” Fahy said, then recited the pledge. But there’s one big difference — all 150 seats in the chamber are completely empty. “I didn’t know what they meant when they said I had the Capitol seat,” Fahy said with a laugh.