Debate Over NY Primary Date May Be More About Logistics Than Politics

New York lawmakers want fewer elections. They say they can save millions of dollars by consolidating primaries for state and federal offices into one day, but they can’t agree on when that day should be. Both legislative chambers have passed bills to consolidate the primaries. Democrats in the Assembly want to hold the elections in June. Senate Republicans want August.


NY Senate Faction Tries To Change The Subject Away From Lulus

After an embarrassing controversy over stipend payments, the beleaguered group of breakaway Democrats in the state Senate is trying to change the subject. The eight-member Independent Democratic Conference has been the target of some bad headlines lately because some of its members have accepted stipend payments of $12,500 to $18,000 for chairing committees when they were in fact the vice chairs, a position that does not legally entitle a senator to extra pay, or “lulus.” The IDC’s leader, Sen. Jeff Klein, has said repeatedly that it’s all legal. “We’re within the law,” Klein said on May 16. And the Republicans who control the Senate with the help of the IDC agree.