A new opera in Ithaca is both a love story and a clash between cultures and values

Opera Ithaca is presenting the premiere of a new opera, We Wear the Sea Like a Coat.  We hear from the composer, Sally Lamb McCune, and Artistic Director, Ben Robinson. They tell us about the gestation of the opera which began with a chance meeting in the Orkney Islands and grew into a poetic, but dramatic story.  

Photo credit: Opera Ithaca

Opera Ithaca Presents ‘Pagliacci’ at Circus Culture

Opera Ithaca presents Ruggero Leoncavallo’s versimo opera ‘Pagliacci’ at Circus Culture in Ithaca. Director Zachary James joined us via Skype from New York just as the company was preparing to present the opera at The Slipper Room in the East Village in Manhattan. He talks about incorporating circus acts into the commedia dell’arte elements of the opera. https://wskg.org/audio/pagliacci.mp3


Photo credit: Opera Ithaca

Opera Ithaca Presents Rossini's 'Cinderella' in Three Performances

Opera Ithaca is presenting Gioachino Rossini’s version the the Cinderella story for two full-length performances and one performance of a short children’s version. General Director Zachary James and hair and make-up coordinator Dorothy Peterson talk about the history of the original version, staging this effervescent comedy with a large cast, and adding choreography.  They also tell about their visit to a vast costume warehouse to find appropriate clothing for the cast — and finding some costumes specially made for well-known singers. https://wskg.org/audio/cinderella.mp3

Opera Ithaca Honors Edward M. Murray with a Voice Competition

Opera Ithaca is presenting its inaugural Edward M. Murray Competition of Voice on Sunday, March 19 from 2pm to 7pm in the Community School of Music and Arts. It is free and open to the public.  Artistic Director Lynn Craver and General Director Zachary James (pictured), both singers themselves, join us to talk about the avalanche of submissions they received from all over the world, and about the legacy of Edward M. Murray himself. https://wskg.org/audio/operacompetition.mp3


Photo credit: Opera Ithaca

Opera Ithaca Presents 'The Abduction from the Seraglio'

Opera Ithaca presents Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s comedy ‘The Abduction from the Seraglio’ in a gala New Year’s Eve performance in the Kitchen Theatre of Ithaca.  Artistic Director, soprano Lynn Craver and General Director, bass Zachary James talk about returning to Ithaca to form this young opera company, as well as the challenges of putting together a full opera in just a few days. https://wskg.org/audio/1228seraglio.mp3


Photo credit: Opera Ithaca