Amy Hoi Ngan Hsiao Exhibits Paintings at First Friday

Hong Kong native Amy Hoi Ngan Hsiao presents ‘Ice and Fire’, an exhibit of her latest work at the Orazio Salati Gallery during November. She joins us to speak about her studies at Alfred University and settling in Montrose, Pennsylvania.


Photo credit: Amy Hoi Ngan Hsiao

An Award-winning Photographer Displays his Work in Binghamton

The Orazio Salati Studio and Gallery is presenting the work of award-winning photographer Joel Nsadha for two months beginning on July 1. Joel Nsadha won Best Photograph from National Geographic for the photograph you see above.  He tells about winning that prize and his career as a photographer.


Photo credit: Joel Nsadha

A Binghamton Artist Returns with an Homage to a Family Member

Binghamton-born artist Muffin Ray has moved around the country, most recently to Colorado.  She returns to Binghamton with an exhibit at Orazio Salati’s Gallery. She has been experimenting with new techniques involving found fabrics and polyurethane. The exhibit is also an homage to her brother.


Photo credit: Muffin Ray



Ireland and the Finger Lakes Compete for a Photographer's Attention

Photographer John Francis McCarthy is displaying his photographs of Ireland and the Finger Lakes through April in the Orazio Salati Studio and Gallery on State Street in downtown Binghamton.  He talks about his annual trips to Ireland, and the circumstances that led to his taking his well-known picture of sunset over the Finger Lakes.


Photo credit: John Francis McCarthy, FingerLakes Photography

Mitchell Visoky displays encaustic paintings at the Salati Gallery

Artist Mitchell Visoky works in many media, including encaustic painting which has an ancient history.  Techniques of encaustic painting have advanced and now this ancient art is being rediscovered by modern artists. Visoky is exhibiting his recent work at Orazio Salati’s Gallery on State Street in downtown Binghamton.  

Works by three artists at the Windsor Whipworks Gallery

Windsor Whip Works owner Bill Pesce and exhibiting artist Orazio Salati speak with WSKG’s Bill Snyder about a new exhibit opening.  Along with Salati’s work, there will be pieces by Mark Schimsky and Roberto Bertoia. Salati talks about his process of painting with wax and using a blowtorch to spread and mix the colors.


Photograph courtesy Orazio Salati.