Paddleboards, Movie Nights, And A Mountain Bike Race: New Parks Head Plans Summer Events

It’s hard to beat a relaxing day at the park. They’re opening for the summer in Chenango and Chemung Counties. At Dorchester Park in Broome County, Matthew Francis Gawors, Director of Parks, Recreation & Youth Services, is preparing for his first summer heading the department. Up until the fall, he’d planned to focus on his store, Confluence Running. “I was like, I’m all in with Confluence, then [County Executive Jason Garnar] gave me a call and said, ‘Hey, I think you’d be a great fit for this.’

'Nature Cat' encourages children to explore nature

The new PBS KIDS series Nature Cat follows Fred, a house cat with dreams of outdoor exploration. Fred only has one problem: he has no instincts for nature! We know you’re loving the new episodes of Nature Cat on WSKG-TV… but did you know there are fun interactive resources and DYI activities surrounding the show? Check out Daisy’s Garden Corner:


Or, try this art activity called Makin’ Tracks:

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About Nature Cat
Designed for kids ages 3-8, Nature Cat is a great early-elementary science education resource that will help children develop connections with the natural world while learning age-appropriate reasoning skills such as classifying, counting, and measuring. Learn more.

Celebrate National Take A Hike Day!

Celebrate National Take a Hike Day with PBS Kids Plum Landing! You don’t need to be a hiker to get outdoors and explore with your family, and there’s no need to make a special trip to find nature: you’ll find it right out your front door, from the red-tailed hawks patrolling the city to the dandelions poking through cracks in the sidewalk. Step outdoors, look around, ask a few questions, and let your child take the lead! Walk and Talk
Take a stroll and talk about the plants and animals that call your neighborhood home. Where do the squirrels find food?