Schools Rack Up Interest Costs As PA Budget Stalemate Drags On

School districts in Pennsylvania are running out of money. The state budget is nearly four months late, which means school funding hasn’t been distributed. Districts are taking out loans to keep their doors open, and school superintendents say the delay is only going to get more costly. At Carbondale Area High School in northeastern Pennsylvania, fifth period just ended. Superintendent Joe Gorham stands in a patch of sun from a hallway skylight, handing out “hellos”.


Budget Fight Squeezes PA Schools


Pennsylvania’s budget impasse is in its third month, and school funding is one of the major sticking points. Democratic Governor Tom Wolf wants to raise taxes and give districts a big boost in aid. Republicans oppose that plan. Montrose Area Schools superintendent Carol Boyce has a close eye on the debate. She says if state aid is low, schools will have to cut essential programs.

“I’m not aware of any district in our area that has what some people might call fluff, or extra types of things,” she says.