‘Plastic Film Recycling: How and Why?’

Congratulations to Oneonta, NY area students Sasha Dudek, Julia Rissberger, Anya Snyder, and Jayden Snyder for sharing their podcast ‘Plastic Film Recycling: How and Why?’ with us. They provided this short description of their podcast: “We discuss both the effects on the environment and how it is recycled. We also discuss this further with the program director of our local conservation organization.” WSKG’s Student Podcast Challenge is open to local 6-12 students.

The NPR Student Podcast Challenge Is Back!


NPR is inviting students around the country to create a podcast, then — with the help of a teacher — compete for a chance to win our grand prize and have your work appear on NPR. Be a part of the NPR Student Podcast Challenge. Here’s how it works: Put together a podcast with your class or extracurricular group. Then your teacher can submit it to us. This contest is for teachers with students between 5th and 12th grade.

Lending an Ear to STEM

The absence of images in podcasts seems to be a source of their creative potential. Without visuals, listeners are required to fill the gaps-and when these listeners are children, the results can be powerful. Studies have found that children between the ages of 7-13 respond more creatively to radio stories than to stories shown on television. Audio stories prompted kids to draw more novel pictures, think up more unique questions, and solve problems in a more imaginative way than did TV tales. Here are just a few STEM related podcasts for kids:

Wow in the World: NPR’s first show for kids discusses the latest news in science and technology in a way that’s enjoyable for kids and informative for grown-ups. Brains On: Each episode of this science podcast is co-hosted by a different kid, tackling their questions with interviews, fun segments, and the occasional musical number.