An Art Class Turns into an Arts Festival

It began seventeen years ago as a pottery class that moved outside on a sunny day. Now the Athens ArtsFest is a large juried arts and craft festival.  Art teacher, potter, and festival organizer Dave Webster tells about the those beginnings and how the festival has grown.


Photo credit: Athens ArtsFest

An Unexpected Find Leads an Artist in a New Direction

Potter Leslie Green Guilbault was in a professional quandary. She had just finished one job, unrelated to her training in art, and was wondering what to do next. She took a winter walk in the woods with her ten year old son.  He spotted the sad remains of a fawn that had been killed by a coyote. They took the bones home and Ms. Guilbault introduced herself to bone carving.  She also uses the ‘sgraffito’ technique in her pottery to create arresting designs on pieces that more than display pieces; they are useful as well.


Photo credit: Leslie Green Guilbault

Tomas Black

WSKG is proud to partner with the Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications in a series of Arts & Culture shorts. This feature takes a look at potter Tomas Black, who is passionate about his craft and is willing to teach anyone who is interested. As this video shows, Tomas loves to open his shop to young students, giving them a chance to try something new. Since the production of this segment, Tomas has moved from Ithaca to the Boston area to continue his passion for pottery.

Produced by: Aisling Brennan, Kayla Dwyer and Sarah Kim