Describing with Relative Positions

Up, down, beside, below… Your child has many new words to add to her math vocabulary! Help her practice relative positions as you play. Relative positions are words that describe where objects are in an environment. For example: top, behind, or next to. Look at the beautiful butterfly!

Shape Hunt

Shapes are everywhere! Learn how to talk about their special properties with your child. Go on a shape hunt at home or at the store! There are lots of ways to practice identifying shapes with your child. I spy a circle!

Adding To & Taking From

Your child’s must first develop an understanding of addition and subtraction. Help him as you play! Your preschooler will not have pages of addition problems to solve, but she does need to develop an understanding of addition! The same is true of subtraction. How do you talk about adding and subtracting with a 4-year old?

How to Make a Rekenrek

Easy instructions to make this counting tool at home! Having a rekenrek at home will help your child learn outside of school. Luckily, a rekenrek is simple to make! You will need a piece of cardboard, some yarn, and 20 large beads. An empty cereal box will work well as the cardboard.

A Parent's Guide to Rekenreks

Learning to count requires some visual tools. Meet the rekenrek! Your child will use a rekenrek at school. You might recognize a rekenrek as a small abacus. Move all the beads to the right.

Magic Math Fingers

Help your child learn to count from left to right. THESE are Magic Math Fingers! Your child reads from left to right. It’s important that they count left to right too!

Let’s count one at a time with our magic math fingers!

Zero the Hero

How do you talk about the number zero with your pre-schooler? Faster than a speeding bullet, amounting to nothing… iiiitttt’sss Zero the Hero!!! When learning to count, you must never forget about zero. He is a very important number. How many blocks do you see?

Concept of Number

Your pre-schooler will learn that the number “3” refers to three objects, such as his 3 fingers. The most important topic your child learns in Pre-K is developing the concept of number. You can help your child understand that number words refer to quantity. The number “1” refers to a single object – in this case, one balloon. The number “2” refers to two objects – two balloons.