New York To Close Two State Prisons

“Jobs are very important to us in Livingston County and these were jobs  that were well paying and jobs, which the individuals spent money; some of the folks do live here in our county and they spend dollars at businesses and help sales tax.”


PA Prisons Get New Inmates, Courtesy Of Vermont

HARRISBURG (WSKG) — Pennsylvania’s Department of Corrections is striking a deal to house inmates from Vermont in its Camp Hill Prison, which has about 1,000 empty beds.  The department first discussed such rental agreements early this year, after receiving pressure from the governor and legislature to cut costs in the face of a severe budget deficit. Contract negotiations started soon after Corrections Secretary John Wetzel announced Pennsylvania’s inmate population had declined enough to close a prison. DOC spokeswoman Susan McNaughton said it was good timing “As a result of reducing our inmate population over the last couple of years, we have all of these extra beds, and Vermont heard this,” she said. “So they reached out to us, it wasn’t like we went looking for them.” The contract will net about $5 million a year, which is a drop in the bucket compared to the Corrections Department’s often-strained $2 billion budget.