The Nature of Personality Disorder: Understanding Narcissistic, Borderline, and Psychopathic Personality Disorders*

Science Pub Guest Speaker: Mark F. Lenzenweger, PhD
October 13 at 7pm ET 

Personality disorder is a term used to represent a well-defined collection of signs and symptoms that characterize a particular group of psychologically impaired conditions. These conditions affect 1 in 10 Americans and cause a great deal of disturbance in social and family life, functioning on the job, and psychological well-being for the affected person and those around them. Many people have heard terms such as “narcissistic personality disorder,” “borderline personality disorder,” and “psychopathy.” These terms, though tossed about in the media and common discourse, have technical definitions and are the objects of intensive scientific study and active clinical/treatment interventions. Professor Lenzenweger will discuss what is known about these conditions, what remains to be learned, and what distortions accompany the use of these terms in society today.