Bob Fass, longtime radio host for WBAI, died Saturday. His show, Radio Unnameable, aired for more than 50 years.

Bob Fass, New York Radio Pioneer, Dies At 87

Bob Fass hosted the influential New York City radio show Radio Unnameable for more than 50 years. It served as a megaphone for the 1960s counterculture and boosted folk and blues artists.

The NPR Student Podcast Challenge Is Back!


NPR is inviting students around the country to create a podcast, then — with the help of a teacher — compete for a chance to win our grand prize and have your work appear on NPR. Be a part of the NPR Student Podcast Challenge. Here’s how it works: Put together a podcast with your class or extracurricular group. Then your teacher can submit it to us. This contest is for teachers with students between 5th and 12th grade.

‘Two Girls, a Dog, and Death’: Interview with Creators of Local Radio Drama

Last spring, four Ithaca area students worked together to write a script and submitted their radio drama to WSKG’s An Ear for Drama project. The judging committee unanimously selected it as the strongest entry. From here, the students visited WSKG and worked on voicing techniques and strengthening the script. In addition to writing a winning radio drama script, the students each took part in recording it at WSKG Studios alongside local professional voice actors. The students answered the following interview questions to share their perspective on the experience.

Two Weeks Left for Students to Enter Radio Drama Contest

Wikipedia reminds us that radio drama first appeared in the 1920s and quickly rose in popularity. In the 1940s, it was a leading form of popular entertainment for children and adults; and one they often enjoyed together. The invention of the television stunted this popularity, but radio dramas have continued to be produced over the past 90 years. What will happen if we combine the creative writing of students and teachers with the audio technology of 2017? (Something awesome, we think!)
Teachers and students: Create a script for a 15-minute radio drama that will air on WSKG Radio!

Winning Entry of 'An Ear for Drama' Radio Contest Announced

WSKG is pleased is to announce that ‘The Spelling Bee’ has been selected as the winning script for our inaugural radio drama contest. This entry was submitted by students from Jennie F. Snapp Middle School of the Union-Endicott School District.  Join us in congratulating the following individuals:

Teacher Robert Rarrick and students Brianna Attey, Janaya Brown, Rayna Doing, Derick Donato, John Knapp, L.J. Shabazz, Erica Smart, Michael Tye, Abigail Winans, Vishal Yalamanchili. We’ll be in pre-production and production this spring and ‘The Spelling Bee’ will be airing on WSKG Radio during summer 2016. Our Judging Committee was impressed with all of the entries and we will soon be sending feedback to every participant.

Youth Media Resources | Audio

WSKG is proud to host a variety of youth media programs for our community.  This resource page was assembled specifically to assist participants of An Ear For Drama but any young media maker is welcome to check out the links below. BBC Writers Room | Radio plays are alive and well on the BBC.  The online tools found in ‘Scriptwriting Essentials’ are a great place to start for the novice dramatist!  We recommend this downloadable PDF template to use as a guide for your script!