The Roberson Museum and Science Center Welcomes Robercon

Robercon, the annual science fiction convention at the Roberson Museum and Science Center, is this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, September 30 and October 1. Five years ago the first convention was such an overwhelming hit that it had to be expanded to two days, with table-top gaming moved to the Binghamton High School.  Organizer Chris Kocher talks about the discussion groups and the special guests, and some of the events that he is especially excited about.


Photo credit: Chris Kocher for Robercon

'Art of Binghamton' Features Binghamton Architecture

‘Art of Binghamton’ is an exhibit of art of various media focusing on Binghamton landmarks, some no longer standing. Artists Matthew Card and Steven Palmer talk about their contributions and the process of gathering this collection.  All of the artists are from the greater Binghamton area. The exhibit is on display at the Roberson Museum and Science Center, and the exhibit will move to the Bundy Museum in October, along with some new pieces. “Each piece is a depiction of, or relating to, Binghamton’s past, present and future. The most impressive aspect of the show is that it is represents a diverse set of media from classical to advanced digital, that will offer an eye opening viewpoint behind the interest and history Binghamton has to offer.

Sunlit Landscapes are on Display at Roberson

The Roberson Museum in Binghamton has turned over its Sears-Harkness Hall to an exhibit of paintings by Brian Keeler, called Heliodelic Topography. We hear about the meaning of that title and about the landscapes Brian Keeler frequents for his paintings.


Photo credit: Brian Keeler

The Roberson Museum Presents Art Made with Air

‘Blow Up’ is a traveling exhibit of contemporary inflatable art.  It is on display at the Roberson Museum and Science Center from March 1 until May 1. The exhibition explores the imaginative ways that artists use air as a tool for creating large-scale sculpture and includes imagery that is both figurative and abstract.  Roberson is offering related activities during the run of the exhibit.


Photo credit: Jason Fiume for the Roberson Museum and Science Center

Sci-Fi fans invade Binghamton

The RoberCon Science Fiction convention is this weekend.  It’s a two-day event this year at the Roberson Museum and Science Center, with expanded gaming opportunities at Binghamton High School.  Marketing Director Jason Fiume took some time off from organizing the event to chat with us.

Photo courtesy Roberson Museum and Science Center

RiverFest is coming to the Roberson Museum and Science Center

Marketing and Public Relations Director Jason Fiume speaks with WSKG’s Bill Snyder about RiverFest at Roberson. Events will be inside and outside the Mansion and Science Center. Vendors of all sorts will be available, as well as arts organizations from around the area.


Photograph courtesy Roberson Museum and Science Center

Roberson and Presentarts present "Women Who Tamed the West"

WSKG’s Sam Goodyear speaks with Writer and Director Judith Present and Performer Carolyn Christy-Boyden about the upcoming presentation of Women Who Tamed the West, an original production by Present. Performances are in the Roberson Museum and Science Center and feature performances by local actress based on real-life women.


Photograph Courtesy David Kingham via Flickr