Photographer and Activist LaToya Ruby Frazier Speaks in Corning

The Rockwell Museum welcomes TED Fellow LaToya Ruby Frazier, who will deliver a talk, ‘Art and Empathy: Storytelling for Social Change’. “For LaToya Ruby Frazier, art is a weapon – a catalyst for social justice. Her photographs and videos document today’s America, including her native Braddock, Pennsylvania. Her work amplifies the stories of post-industrial communities– cities and small towns riven by poverty, racism, healthcare inequality, and environmental toxicity. Bridging the personal with the social, her powerful gorgeous work amplifies the voices of the vulnerable and transforms our sense of place and self.”

Trio Alexander Performs Two Concerts

The Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes welcomes Trio Alexander for two performances, on Friday at the Rockwell Museum in Corning and on Saturday at the Sayre Theatre in Sayre.  They talk about how the ensemble took shape and about their recent whirlwind tour of Great Britain, crammed into a tiny car around a harp.


Photo credit: Trio Alexander

'Modernist Masters' are on Display at the Rockwell Museum

The Rockwell Museum in Corning is presenting ‘Modernist Masters, Contemporary Icons’.  On loan from the Old Jail Art Center in Albany, Texas, ‘Modernist Masters’ includes works by artists including Grant Wood, Alexander Calder, Thomas Hart-Benton, Fritz Scholder, John Marin, Andy Warhol, and John Sloan. Kirsty Buchanan and Willa Vogel talk about the many treasures in the collection and some of the activities around the exhibit, which is on display through April 23.  


Photo credit: Andy Warhol, Sam, c. 1954. Ink on paper. Collection of the Old Jail Art Center, Albany TX.

Corning Welcomes Autumn with an Urban Arts Crawl

Urban Corning presents an Urban Arts Crawl on Friday, September 29 in Downtown Corning.  Logan Sweet from Urban Corning talks about the many events and exhibits, including the Rockwell Museum, 171 Cedar Arts Center, the West End Gallery, the Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes, and the Arts Council of the Southern Finger Lakes.  It also features the unveiling of the latest Alley Art Project mural – a special Rockwell Museum 40th Anniversary project and collaboration between acclaimed artist Virgil Ortiz and Corning’s own High School Learning Center Students.


Photo credit: Urban Corning


The Rockwell Museum Presents Paintings of Native American Life

The Rockwell Museum is hosting an exhibition of the work of Howard Terpning from the Eddie Basha Collection in Arizona.  We hear about Terpning’s career that went from creating iconic posters for classic films such as ‘Doctor Zhivago’ and ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ to depictions of the life of Native Americans of the Northern Plains.


Photo Credit: Howard Terpning, Gathering Sage for the Sun Dance, 2004, oil on canvas. © Terpning Family Limited Partnership, LLLP. All Rights Reserved

Corning Invites You to their Monthly Urban Arts Crawl

The Rockwell Museum and the Arts Council of the Southern Finger Lakes present their monthly Urban Arts Crawl in Corning on Friday, March 25.  Arts Council Executive Director Connie Sullivan-Blum and CreAgent’s Logan Sweet talk about the venues and arts.


Photo credit: CreAgent Marketing

Exhibition of Southwestern Pottery Comes To A Close In Corning

On Fire! The Nancy and Alan Cameros Collection of Southwestern Pottery exhibition at the Rockwell Museum of Western Art in Corning is coming to a close. More than 100 pieces of southwestern pottery, primarily from the Pueblos, has been on display for the last two years.  Crystal Sarakas talked with Kirsty Buchanan, Curator of Collections, about the exhibit. The exhibit closes on April 1.

It's Never Too Early To Think About the Weekend!

It might be early in the week, but just in case you are already thinking about what to do this weekend here are some arts & culture related activities that you should think about checking out! Reading Takes You Places event at the Broome County Public Library on Saturday, March 12 beginning at 1pm. Fun for the whole family! The Rockwell Museum in Corning presents two storytellers as part of their “Inspiring Women and Girls of Color” event beginning at 1pm on Saturday, March 12. The Binghamton University Wind Symphony joins up with the Southern Tier Concert Band for a special performance at the Osterhout Concert Theater on Sunday, March 13 at 3pm.

Multi-talented artist Virgil Ortiz visits Corning

The Corning Museum of Glass and the Rockwell Museum are collaborating with Native American artist Virgil Ortiz for an exhibit of his work.  He will also be experimenting with a new medium to him: glass.  He has been inspired in much of his work by the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.


Photo courtesy Virgil Ortiz


The Rockwell Museum offers tours of its Civil War photography exhibit

Rockwell Museum of Western Art in Corning is offering guided tours of highlights of its current exhibit of Civil War photographs. Beth Manwaring of the Museum explains that many of the photographs in Between the States: Photographs of the American Civil War are from the George Eastman Collection.  Tours will also include information about the Museum building and its history.