'Time Scanners' explores the Colosseum

With cutting-edge technology that can “read” buildings, ruins and landscapes from ancient worlds, this series reveals physical and forensic history, allowing viewers to reach out and touch the past, gain a brand new perspective on these iconic engineering creations, and, for the first time, discover the hidden keys to their construction. Leading the team on these ground-breaking missions is one of the world’s finest structural engineers and a master of the modern building world, Steve Burrows, who has created iconic structures like the Bird’s Nest stadium in Beijing. The team of experts travel to Rome on a quest to uncover some of the engineering world’s oldest mysteries of the Colosseum. Using cutting-edge 3D laser-scanning technology, the team want to answer three questions: How did the Romans produce some of the most impressive gladiatorial games ever seen in Europe? How did the Colosseum’s mysterious roof really work? How does the mighty Colosseum perform in state of the art computer testing against the sports stadia of the 21st century?