Evergreen Cemetery

Established in 1851, Evergreen Cemetery in Owego covers 51 acres of a beautifully landscaped, terraced hillside.  Two stone pillars and a large iron gate mark the entrance, while small streams and stone fences meander across grounds. A wide variety of stone markers and monuments mark the sites were those who worked and lived in Tioga County over the last two centuries as buried. There are also unique sections devoted to veterans of the Civil War and firefighters. One of the most visited gravesites in the cemetery is that of a young Indian maidenknown as Sa-Sa-Na Loft, who died in a tragic train accident after visiting Owego in 1852.  This gravesite is also the epicenter of a number of eerie tales.  

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In this web exclusive clip, Professor Tucker explains the tradition of leaving tokens and coins at Sa-Sa-Na Loft’s grave.