Larry Kassan leads new teachers on a bus tour of the Binghamton City School District.

Teachers Wanted: Binghamton District Struggles To Fill Jobs

The Binghamton City School District has a teacher shortage this year. Out of 60 open positions, three were still unfilled within weeks of the first day. This comes amid a national need for more teachers, and it has educators in New York feeling a bit of whiplash. A couple weeks before school started, Larry Kassan led Binghamton’s new teachers on a tour of the city. The outing is part of the district’s orientation program, and this year the buses were packed.


For Tioga School Budget, Second Time’s The Charm

The Tioga Central school district has a new budget after a re-vote yesterday. In May, voters turned down a budget with a big tax hike. This time, the district’s extracurricular activities were on the line, as was a big donation. Tioga Superintendent Scott Taylor says the whole district breathed a sigh of relief. The result: over a thousand people in favor of the budget and about 400 against.


Harpursville Parents Fight For School Transparency

Carrie Lusk spends her free time reading open meeting laws: pages of legalese that say how organizations like school boards are supposed to run their meetings and which parts have to be open to the public. Lusk has two kids and a job. It’s not like she just has time on her hands, but back in January, the Harpursville school district made some big, sudden decisions. The news came home in a letter. “It said, basically, that they were going to be eliminating our [elementary] vice principal’s position, and the [elementary] principal,” Lusk says.