Science Cabaret: Why don’t bikes fall down?

You can balance a bike with hands on the handlebars. Or off. And, surprising if you haven’t seen it, a bike can balance itself, with no person touching it. When viewed from the back, a bicycle looks like a stick balanced on end. If it tips a little, gravity pulls it down more.

An evening with a new ancestor: paleo-artist John Gurche's insights into the discovery of 'Homo naledi'

Join the Paleontological Research Institution and WSKG for an evening with a new ancestor: paleo-artist John Gurche’s, insights into the discovery of Homo naledi.  John will share his journey on creating what he believes Homo naledi looked like.  Homo naledi is part of a hominid discovery that took place this past spring in South Africa.  
The reception style event will also feature regional wine and food samples from Experience the Fingerlakes, and will take place on September 24th from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Museum of the Earth, located at 1259 Trumansburg Rd. Ithaca, NY. More information and tickets are available at or by phone at 607-273-6623.