Sounding the Alarm: Milestones in Fire Science

December 14 at 7pm

Guest Speaker:
Assistant Fire Chief Richard J. Allen Jr.

Why are today’s house fires so dangerous? Construction is nearly airtight, homes are filled with plastics, and real wood furnishings are less common. The result is a fire that burns hotter and faster than decades ago, producing smoke that’s highly toxic to firefighters. Join us as we compare past fires and firefighting to the technology of today. We will view clips from the WSKG documentary “The Devil’s Fire” and a discussion with local expert, Assistant Fire Chief Rick Allen.

Ka-Boom! Crash! Shiver! How paleontologists are unraveling the extinction that killed the dinosaurs

Ka-Boom! Crash! Shiver! How paleontologists are unraveling the extinction that killed the dinosaurs

Science Pub Guest Speakers: Corinne Myers, PhD and Carlie Pietsch, PhD

Just like dinosaurs, countless ocean creatures went extinct under somewhat perplexing conditions when a giant meteorite struck Earth about 66 million years ago. Yet excellent fossil records of their shells remain, helping us understand what happened ecologically, why some organisms survived, and why others didn’t.

Life in the Trees: Discovering the Eighth Continent | Science Pub

Life in the Trees
Discovering the Eighth Continent 

Guest Speaker: Dr. Margaret “Canopy Meg” Lowman
Science Pub was recorded on September 14, 2021.

Did you know that more than 50 percent of the world’s land-based creatures live in treetops? Yet scientists have classified less than 10 percent of this biodiversity. Come hear stories that will inspire us to think more urgently about forest conservation, help save big trees, and ultimately, keep our planet healthy. Dr. Margaret “Canopy Meg” Lowman shared tales from her adventurous childhood as a collector of wildflowers, nests, snake skins, and other natural collectibles, which led her to becoming one of the world’s first arbornauts.

Science Pub | The Skin You’re In

The Skin You’re In
Better Understanding the Body’s Largest Organ
Guy German, PhD

Learn about the complex chemical and biological structures that protect our skin from cosmetics, sunlight, bacteria, and a host of environmental hazards. See how biomimicry helps scientists design products that alleviate pesky skin issues. Explore amazing breakthroughs like “DNA sunscreens” that boost protection the longer we’re in the sun. 

Dr. German is Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Binghamton University. His research focuses on understanding “soft matter” for use in biomedical applications. His team studies how skin protects us while allowing essential compounds in.

Science Pub BING presents Ticks in our Town: What every Northeasterner Needs to Know

Here is the recorded Science Pub from June 9th
Ticks in our Town: What every Northeasterner Needs to Know


Join Dr. Amanda Roome, Bassett Research Institute, for a conversation and Q &A on ticks and how to prepare for summer. 

Everyone’s ready to get outside –– especially this year. If the spread of tick-borne disease has you worried, you’re not alone. But before you miss the beauty of the great Northeast in spring, let’s turn to science to explore:

Tick-borne diseases in our area
Seasonal hazards of exposure
Risk factors of Lyme disease
How to work safely outdoors
The role that deer and opossums play

Enjoy this science pub from the comfort of your home. RSVP HERE. 

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Amanda Roome is a Research Scientist at the Bassett Research Institute in Cooperstown, NY.  She has performed extensive field and laboratory research on tick-borne diseases in New York State since 2012, and has recently begun expanding her research throughout the Northeast.  Her research explores the risk of exposure to Lyme and other tick-borne pathogens, risk factors associated with Lyme infection, quality of life changes resulting from acute or chronic Lyme infection, and the occupational hazards of tick-borne disease exposure in forestry workers.

Getting Lost in “The Great Pause” Online Discussion

Getting Lost in “The Great Pause” Online Discussion

This event took place on Thursday April 30 at 7pm. Watch a recording of the event below.

We’re experiencing the coronavirus outbreak as one, yet we all have different coping styles. Are you focused on logistics? Struggling to stay motivated in a strangely isolated world? Are you unable to concentrate? Or confused about your sudden jumble of new roles?