Kindness is at the Heart of Sesame Street’s New Holiday Special

It’s Christmas Eve on Sesame Street! After putting out cookies for Santa, Elmo’s dad tells him a bedtime story about his great-great-grandmonster Elmo and how Sesame Street was once an unfriendly street. Everyone was grouchy and there was no holiday spirit. With the help of Grandmonster Elmo’s new friends, they try to find a way to bring back the holiday spirit in hopes that Santa would come to visit. They learn that all you need is kindness!

Meet Julia, the New Kid on 'Sesame Street'

Sesame Street is introducing a new Muppet to its cast, and she is unlike any Muppet they have had before. Her name is Julia, and she has autism. The character was introduced online in 2015, but will now become a regular on the television show. Rachel Rosner, the director of education and support services at Rochester-based Autism Up, said introducing a character with autism is a huge step forward for the show — and for raising awareness. “As a parent of two kids with autism, I’m thrilled that there’s finally a character with autism on Sesame Street,” Rosner said.

Free Webinars from Sesame Street Focus on Autism

Join your friends on Sesame Street for a one-hour webinar just for educators on the Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children initiative! Every child in his or her lifetime will meet someone who has autism—and this project was developed to spread a message of respect, empathy, and kindness to all children, and to remind us all that everyone has unique qualities and talents that make the world an interesting place. In this interactive discussion, you’ll learn more from the creators of this project about the variety of free resources that were developed, and ways these materials can be integrated into programming with children. Register today! Webinar for Providers Working With Families and Children
Wednesday, March 16, 2016 | 2:00pm-3:00pm
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Webinar for Educators Working With Children
Wednesday, March 23, 2016 | 3:00pm-4:00pm
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A is for Avocados!

It’s always a good time to learn about nutrition and instill healthy habits into your family’s eating routine!  Our friends from Sesame Street are here with a special message regarding avocados! Elmo, Cookie Monster and Rosita help from Chef Pati Jinich, of WETA’s Pati’s Mexican Table on PBS Stations, share health benefits and fun facts about the avocado. From tickling Elmo’s taste buds with avocado toast to satisfying Cookie Monster’s cookie obsession with easy avo-substitutions, these educational videos show the green superfruit for what it is…versatile and ready for any diet! Did you know…?

Military Family Resources

As many as 700,000 U.S. children under the age of five have a parent in the military.  To help support the military families that live in our region, WSKG has created this resources page.  Here you find national and local initiatives offering important, specialized content for military families.  WSKG also has a variety of family toolkits available please contact to learn more.  Additionally, you can find these materials in our community at the Greater Binghamton Airport’s Military Family Room.