Spare Productions Presents 'Legally Blonde'

Spare Productions presents the musical ‘Legally Blonde’ as this summer’s production. Based on the film, it tells the story of a fashionable young lady who enrolls in law school in order to follow the man of her dreams, but unforeseen circumstances lead her in a different direction. Actors Eli Carlin and Darius Fuller, who is also the producer tell us about putting together this show, which includes a large cast, and finding the two dogs, who are also part of the cast. The Friday and Saturday times stated in the interview are incorrect; curtain will be at 7:00pm both nights.


Photo credit: Spare Productions

Spare Productions Present 'No Exit'

Spare Productions is making a big departure from their succession of musicals with Jean-Paul Sartre’s existential drama ‘No Exit’. Originally written in French with the title ‘Huis Clos’, this version has been translated into English by Paul Bowles.  Kassidy Shea, playing Ines, and Marisa Valent, not only playing Estelle but also the producer, talk about about the decision to break from musicals to produce this deep and serious play while on a break from their university studies.


Photo credit: Spare Productions

Young Actors Gather to Perform a Classic Musical

Spare Productions is a group of college students who get together on breaks to make theatre. Their summer show is Kander and Ebb’s ‘Chicago’. We hear from the production pianist Canaan Harris and actress Brittany Miller, who plays Velma Kelly.


Photo credit: CharmaineZoe’s Marvelous Melange via Flickr

Spare Productions presents "The Drowsy Chaperone"

Tony DeLousia and Brian Ives speak with WSKG’s Bill Snyder about Spare Production’s presentation of the musical The Drowsy Chaperone.  It’s a musical within a musical about a reclusive Broadway show fan who plays a record of his favorite 1920’s musical, and the audience sees it though his eyes.


Photography Courtesy thephotographymuse via Flickr