Special Delivery Returns to the Let's Polka Stage

Buffalo area band Special Delivery returns to Let’s Polka on Saturday, August 3 for a half hour of toe-tapping fun! Performances include “Dreamin’ Polka”, “Iron Casket Oberek” and the “How Married Are You Polka.” The program is hosted by Bill Flynn who also interviews band leader Ted Szymanski. Enjoy this promo and tune into Let’s Polka, airing every Saturday evening at 6:30 on WSKG-TV. https://youtu.be/7kPMFD8ngNY

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Get Ready For a Special Delivery on Let's Polka

WSKG’s locally produced Let’s Polka returns with a new episode featuring Buffalo’s Special Delivery this Saturday, May 6 at 6:30pm. This five piece outfit delighted our live studio audience and will surely get your toes-a-tapping with their performances of ‘Barbara’s Polka’, ‘Bottom’s Up Polka’ and the ‘Can’t Get Used To Losing You Polka’. The show is hosted by Bill Flynn, who also interviews band member Ted Szymanski and they discuss Buffalo’s famous Dyngus Day. Enjoy this promo and be watching for Let’s Polka, every Saturday evening at 6:30! https://youtu.be/BFaKlLSkIVc