Spool Mfg Presents a Festival of Experimental Film

Spool Mfg of Johnson City is presenting ‘Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image’ on October 14 and 15 with showings at 6pm and 8pm, with additional performances at 10pm. David Chirico talks about the wide range of experimental films in the festival, the unusual place Binghamton occupies in the history of experimental film, and the influential role that experimental film plays in mainstream cinema. http://wskg.org/audio/trasientmix.mp3


Photo credit: Transient Visions

Art, Music, and Poetry Come Together for a Set of Performances and Viewings

SpoolMFG is presenting a set of showing of the art of Don Demauro, combined with the poems ‘Four Quartets’ by T.S. Eliot, and the Suites for Solo Cello by Johann Sebastian Bach played by cellist Hakan Tayga-Hromek.  Spool Mfg. is a contemporary art space committed to the existential, personal, social, and political dimensions of the contemporary moment. Spool Mfg. functions within a large 19th-century industrial site which accommodates exhibitions, installation, and performance at 140 Baldwin Street in Johnson City. http://www.wskg.org/audio/spoolmix.mp3


Photo credit: Inoyl via Flickr

Transient Visions celebrates its third year at Spool MFG

Transient Visions is an annual festival of experimental film hosted by Spool MFG in Johnson City.  Short films have been selected from hundreds of entries and curated into four programs.  There will also be musical performances both nights. Organizer David Chirico talks about the exponential growth of the festival and the entries that have arrived from all over the world. http://www.wskg.org/audio/transient.mp3

Photo courtesy David Chirico