Polka Quads, Show Two

The Polka Quads return to the Let’s Polka stage with another rousing half hour of Cleveland/Slovenian Style polka. John Salov, Mark Dubrovec and Vinny Horoschock are the Polka Quads and they delighted our studio audience with selections including the ‘Pony Tail Polka’, ‘Oh Johnny Johnny Polka’ and the ‘Night in May Waltz’. Bill Flynn hosts and conducts a short interview with John where he talks about how he puts the setlist together for a half hour program. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUB04Lu6ZVk

“When You’re Away Polka”
“Pony Tail Polka”
“Until We Meet Again Waltz”
“Ja Sam Sirota Waltz”
“Oh Johnny Johnny Polka”
“Old Timers Polka”
“Schnee Waltz”
“Night in May Waltz”

POLKA FACT: Another popular form of Polka is the ‘Polish Style’, which incorporates horns (such as trumpets, saxophones or clarinets) into the mix.