Annual Writing Contests Await Stories from Youth

The PBS KIDS Writers Contest is designed to promote the advancement of children’s reading skills through hands-on, active learning. It encourages children in grades K-3 in communities across the country to celebrate the power of creating stories and illustrations by submitting their own original pieces.  The contest extends the powerful tradition and annual success of the national “Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest.” In 2014, the WSKG Youth Writers Contest launched in an effort to offer older students a unique writing opportunity, too!  This local contest is open to students in grades 4, 5, and 6. PBS KIDS Writers Contest (K-3) Entry Form
PBS KIDS Writers Contest Rules
WSKG Youth Writers Contest Entry Form & Rules

Submissions must be postmarked by April 28, 2017 and mailed to:

PBS Kids Writers Contest
c/o WSKG Public Media
Attn: J. Stapleton
601 Gates Road
Vestal, New York 13850

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Meet Superhero 'Gem Girl' in Elmira Girl's Winning Story

Caylee Hinman won 1st place in the Second Grade category in WSKG’s local 2016 PBS KIDS Writers Contest. Caylee is 8 years old and lives in Elmira, NY with her mom and dad.  She enjoys school, gardening, rocks and gems, building with Legos, baking, reading, and most of all writing stories!  Caylee wrote her first book at the age of 3 titled “Happy Fall” inspired by the changing seasons.  She has been writing books ever since.  When Caylee grows up she is thinking of becoming an author. Here’s a Q&A we held with her!:

What is your story about?  Can you summarize it in just a sentence or two? My story is about a battle between good and evil, where Gem Girl and Diamond Dog fight Hot Dog Guy and Pickle Poodle to save the city.

'The Adventures of Clean Guy and Trash' Wins Honor in Youth Writers Contest

Keyahn Sethi won 1st place in the Fourth Grade category in the 2016 WSKG Youth Writers Contest. He is 9 years old and in fourth grade at The Crescent Academy in Johnson City, NY. A prankster who loves to write funny stories, Keyahn’s ultimate passion is sports.  He’s on the travel hockey team, the lacrosse team and also takes Gymnastics and Ninja classes.  He loves the outdoors and you can usually find him outside with his sisters biking, hiking by the river, or slacklining.

'Faerie Realm' Awarded in Local Youth Writers Contest

Logan Everson won 1st place in the Sixth Grade category in WSKG’s local 2016 Youth Writers Contest.  He is 12 years old and the oldest in his family.  He really likes acting and has been in two short films with BFI. He practices martial arts, plays soccer and tennis, and loves video games, writing, and drawing.  Logan shared thoughts on his experience writing this story and submitting it with our contest:

What is your story about?  Can you summarize it in just a sentence or two? This story is about a kid who finds a place called the Faerie Realm and helps the inhabitants against the Dark Queen.

'Team Animal Ninja Competition' Combines Fact, Creative Writing and Beautiful Illustration

Inaaya Sethi’s story The Team Animal Ninja Competition has received the 1st place honor in the third grade category in WSKG’s local 2016 PBS KIDS Writers Contest.  Inaaya is 8 years old and in third grade at The Crescent Academy in Johnson City, NY.   Inaaya loves to draw, colour, and write stories.  She’s a Girl Scout who loves the outdoors and is on the lacrosse team.  You can often find her outside hiking by the river, swimming, slacklining or biking.

Ithaca Girl Shares Winning Story in WSKG's Youth Writers Contest

Juliana Grantz won 1st place in the Fifth Grade category in the 2016 WSKG Youth Writers Contest.  Juliana is eleven years old and lives in Ithaca, NY, but is in the midst of moving to Aurora, NY right now! She has three younger sisters, no brothers, and another sister coming in October. Juliana enjoys singing, acting, writing, drawing, and other creative pastimes. She would like to be many things when she grows up, including an author and songwriter.

6-year-old Author Pens 'Spoon and Knife Adventure'

Grayden Everson’s story Spoon and Knife Adventure won 1st place for Kindergarten in WSKG’s local 2016 PBS KIDS Writers Contest.  Grayden is 6 years old and the youngest in his family.  He likes pizza, Uno, Legos, Minecraft, art, math, and Elephant and Piggie books. He took a few minutes to answer a few questions we had about his experience:

What is your story about?  Can you summarize it in just a sentence or two? Knife and Spook play together and mysterious Fork steals a toy. How did you come up with the idea for your two main characters, Knife and Spoon?  Where do they live? I came up with the story using my imagination.

Winners Announced for 'PBS KIDS Writers' & 'WSKG Youth Writers' Contests

Thank you to the 203 students that shared their stories & illustrations with WSKG this year!  Our judging committee reviewed the entries and have selected the following winning stories.  Be sure to visit this webpage often as the stories will be uploaded for viewers to read! All children who entered the contests will receive their original story back through the mail. Kindergarten
1st Place | Grayden Everson | Spoon and Knife Adventure
2nd Place | Frances Miller | The Adventure Girl
3rd Place | Brooke Casey | Flutter and the Bumble Bee
Honorable Mention | Azreal Brown | The Two Bunnies

First Grade
1st Place | Heyan Chung | Robot Jobs
2nd Place | Hudson Scaglione | My Friend the Big Whale
3rd Place | Seema Patel | Trouble in Candy Land
Honorable Mention | Lydia Thompson | Our Cute and Funny Guinea Pigs!