NY State Lawmakers Push For Law To Release Trump’s Tax Returns

  Several New York state lawmakers are sponsoring a bill that they say would force President Donald Trump to make his state tax returns public.  Trump broke with a more than 40-year tradition of presidential candidates and presidents voluntarily releasing their tax returns. Trump has said he can’t release his returns because he is under audit.  In the 1970s, President Richard Nixon began the practice of releasing the tax filings, even though Nixon himself was under federal audit at the time. Since then, every president has voluntarily released his tax returns. Democrats in the New York State Legislature say they’d like to make that practice mandatory, not voluntary, and believe they have the power to do it. Assemblyman David Buchwald, who is also a tax attorney, said the bill also covers both U.S. senators and statewide elected officials including the governor, state comptroller and state attorney general, all of whom routinely make their tax returns available.