Two Stars of Vaudeville Started Their Careers in Binghamton

The Roberson Museum and Science Center presents ‘Cohen and Ginsberg: Ragtime and Vaudeville in Early 20th Century Binghamton’.  Theresa Lee Whiting moved into the former home of composer and ragtime pianist Charles Cohen, which led her to do research into this son of a former slave and the music he wrote and published.  Along the way she came upon references to Solly Ginsberg, the son of the first rabbi of Binghamton.  Ginsberg was on his way to a classical career until his father was murdered.  Very soon afterwards Ginsberg found his calling as ‘Violinsky’, an internationally renowned vaudeville performer and composer.  More than a lecture, this program will present more detail about these performers as well as their music.


Photo credit: Theresa Lee Whiting