Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Performed Outdoors

Cider Mill Playhouse and the City of Binghamton have joined to present Shakespeare’s comedy ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in Confluence Park for three performances.  Andrea Gregori, playing Titania, and Shan Towns, playing Oberon, talk about this joint venture, and give an overview of this comedy of mismatched couples. Audience members are encouraged to bring folding chairs.


Photo credit: Joshua B for Shakespeare on the River

Improv Comedy Comes to the Phelps Mansion Museum

The Phelps Mansion Museum hosts a performance by graduates of Tim Mollen’s improv comedy workshop. He joins us to talk about how he got interested in improv comedy, what techniques he uses to teach, and how the improv group he founded while in college is still going strong.  Workshop graduate Heather Merlis is along to speak about how and assignment to write about the workshop turned her into a happy participant.


Photo credit: Tim Mollen

The Art Mission Opens the Binghamton Babylon Film Festival

The Art Mission and Theatre is present the Binghamton Babylon Film Festival, October 12 – 16.  It opens with a keynote address by Scott MacDonald, whose book, ‘Binghamton Babylon’ inspired the festival.  It culminates with the Rod Serling Film Festival.  In between are film retrospectives and new avant-garde works of film. We hear from Tim Mollen of the Art Mission board of directors, and general manager Rebecca Sheriff about the festival, and the chance encounter on a New York City subway car that uncovered the rich history of film-making at the Binghamton campus.


Photo credit: Art Mission Theatre



A New Comedy by Santino DeAngelo Premieres at the Cider Mill Playhouse

The Cider Mill Playhouse is presenting Santino DeAngelo’s newest play, ‘When in Carthage’, a farce that throws two Romans into the enemy city, Carthage.  It combines the “slamming doors” of French farce with the situational (and sometimes bawdy) comedy of Plautus. The playwright and the director, Tim Mollen, talk about molding a new play and the input that the actors have towards the final version.  Local favorites Chris Nickerson, Andrew Simek, Josh Sedelmeyer, and Jessica Nogaret are in the cast, as well as the playwright’s mother, Shannon DeAngelo.


Photo credit: Tim Mollen for Cider Mill Playhouse



Tim Mollen releases three volumes of his "Lost Journal"

Author Tim Mollen speaks with WSKG’s Bill Snyder about the release of the three volumes of his Lost Journal. “Having never kept an actual journal, Tim writes these humor columns in retrospect.  Each week, he chooses a different day in his lifetime, and writes about it as though it were today.  A particular entry may be about a day last week, or Halloween 1980, or the day he was born.  Some of you may be asking, “But how would he have been able to write a journal entry on the day he was born?”  To you, Tim says:  “Lighten up.  It’s a humor column.”


Photograph provided by Tim Mollen