Three-Quarters Surveyed Say “No Confidence” At Ithaca College

Students at Ithaca College concluded a confidence vote on college president Tom Rochon yesterday. Rochon has faced criticism over his handling of recent racial incidents and accusations of top-down leadership. A crowd of about 100 gathered in a ballroom on campus to hear student body president Dominick Recckio deliver the news. “The results of the vote of no confidence are: 71.75 percent of respondents have no confidence in President Rochon,” Recckio declared. Breaking it down by race, 87 percent of respondents of color claimed “no confidence” in Rochon.


Interview: Ithaca College President Answers Criticism


Ithaca College students release the results of a confidence vote in their college president Monday, and the college faculty hold their own vote next month. President Tom Rochon has faced criticism and protests for his handling of racial incidents and what some call top-down leadership. He spoke to WSKG’s Solvejg Wastvedt about how the college has responded and what he’s learned. Here are the highlights:

Recently you appointed a Chief Diversity Officer, a position that reports directly to you. How do you make sure other people on campus have input into diversity initiatives?


Ithaca College Faculty To Stage ‘Teach-In’ Protest

Faculty at Ithaca College plan to hold a “teach-in” Thursday to call for college president Tom Rochon’s resignation. It’s the latest in a string of protests by faculty and students. Protesters say Tom Rochon has failed to address a threatening racial climate on campus, and several racist incidents. They also accuse him of top-down leadership, saying he makes strategic decisions for the college without campus input. “I don’t think the morale has ever been lower among the faculty,” says professor Mary Bentley, who plans to speak at Thursday’s teach-in, “But at the same time, I have to say that I think a lot of the activism on the part of the students has really reinvigorated us.”

Ithaca College students staged a walkout last week.


How We Got Here: The Build-Up To Ithaca College’s Protests

College campuses around the country saw protests this week – Ithaca College among them. Students and faculty there are holding referendums on President Tom Rochon’s leadership. Results from a student confidence vote will come out November 30, and faculty voting begins on that day. Here’s what you need to know about what’s at stake:

Why is this happening at Ithaca College? The student frustration with President Rochon has been building for a long time.


Ithaca College Protesters Demand President’s Resignation

Just days after protests at the University of Missouri caused the system president’s resignation, protesters at Ithaca College are calling for their president to step down. Like Missouri, the Ithaca movement has been years in the making. The protesters say President Tom Rochon fails to address racial incidents and is leading the college in the wrong direction. Hundreds of students packed the Ithaca College quad Wednesday afternoon. They chanted and called for Rochon’s resignation. The student government has been collecting ballots this month for a “no confidence” vote in Rochon.