Are ‘Villages’ The Future Of Elder Care?

The first thing you notice when you meet Tim O’Neill is that his hazel eyes smile, forming warm half-moons just above the disposable mask the pandemic necessitates.

U.S.-Canada Border Remains Closed

“This Administration has to understand that we won’t have a healthy economy until we have a healthy country and that starts with taking this virus seriously.”

NYS Ride-Sharing Sessions Examine Services Provided Disabled Commuters

Public listening sessions are being held over the next few weeks to study accessible ride sharing services for customers with disabilities. The New York State Transportation Company Accessibility Task Force was created as part of the legislation that made ride-sharing legal in Upstate New York.

Deer Crash Season Peaks In November

ROCHESTER, NY (WXXI) – AAA has researched crash data, and they’ve found that by far, November is the worst month for deer crashes in New York. In November 2016, for example, there were nearly 45-hundred deer crashes – that’s one every ten minutes.


As Tesla Stock Falls, Is There Cause For Concern Over New York Plant?

BUFFALO, NY (WBFO) – Shares of Tesla lost approximately nine percent of their value Friday, as the high-tech company moves forward amid concerns including a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation, comments made by founder Elon Musk and a report that Tesla may not, after all, purchase all the output from the Buffalo-based factory it now shares with Panasonic.

Schumer: More Rail Safety Specialists Needed

ROCHESTER, NY (WXXI) – The aging rail infrastructure in New York and across the country needs immediate attention before a “nightmare scenario” occurs, according to Sen. Chuck Schumer.


GM New York Plant Will Manufacture Advanced V-8 Engine

BUFFALO, NY (WBFO) – General Motors’ Tonawanda Engine Plant has been selected as the first of the automaker’s plants to produce a new V-8 engine line that utilizes a cylinder deactivation technology that helps the engine produce only the power that is needed, in order to increase efficiency.

Cuomo Opponent Seeks Hearing On Controversial Tourism Signs

ALBANY (WSKG) – A Republican candidate for governor is calling for hearings on controversial tourism signs that the Cuomo administration set up on the New York State Thruway and other highways. The federal government said the signs are illegal and will withhold federal funds if they are not removed.

Self-Driving Cars And Reclaiming Time Spent Behind The Wheel

ROCHESTER (WXXI) – People organize their lifestyles around access to transportation, so the advent of autonomous vehicles is important for their economic, social and environmental impact. That’s from one of the authors of a new paper on the subject. Assistant professor in sustainability at RIT, Eric Williams, says they looked at a number of ways people could reclaim all the time they spend behind the wheel. “Anything from okay, we need to bring our kids to the sports team, well let’s have the vehicle do it instead of doing it ourselves.  You know, thinking of taking a lot more trips, overnight in your car, because your car can drive you rather than having to stay up yourself,” he said. Williams says the top 20 percent of people who drive or take public transit everyday could benefit from such vehicles.

Freighter Freed From Ice, Seaway Open Again

BUFFALO (WBFO) – The Marshall Island flagged Federal Biscay was finally dislodged from ice in the Snell lock near Massena this weekend. St. Lawrence Seaway crews, including three tugs, had worked for five days to move the massive international freighter. It was blocking passage for four other ships on their way down the St. Lawrence River to Montreal as the Seaway tries to close for the winter.

‘Cork In A Bottle’: Jammed Ship Blocks Icy Seaway

GREAT LAKES TODAY – Prolonged arctic cold is wreaking havoc on the maritime industry across the Great Lakes. The latest problem: A commercial freighter is stuck in ice in a lock near Massena, N.Y., and it’s preventing the St. Lawrence Seaway from closing for the winter. The St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp.

Fearing Financial “Crisis,” Auditor Will Review PA Turnpike Commission Again

HARRISBURG (WSKG) — The beleaguered Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is under review for the second time in less than two years. Auditor General Eugene DePasquale acknowledged, it’s unusual for him to audit an agency twice in such a short time. But he said he has “grave concerns” about the turnpike’s practice of repeatedly raising tolls, largely to pay for its $450 million-a-year obligation to PennDOT. It also pays hundreds of millions in debt-service on the money it borrows to make those payments. The money goes toward things like public transportation

“What we want to analyze is their belief…that despite the increase in tolls, they’ll have increased traffic,” DePasquale said.

Critics Call Inland Port Decision A ‘Massive Missed Opportunity’

WRVO (SYRACUSE) – Centerstate CEO President Rob Simpson is criticizing a report on central New York’s inland port, and the New York State Department of Transportation’s decision to locate the project in the town of DeWitt. The inland port would receive goods by rail from the Port of New York and New Jersey. Two years ago, Simpson said the inland port had the potential to create 2,000 jobs if warehousing could be developed adjacent to the rail terminal. But he said the DeWitt location is surrounded by protected wetlands, making it difficult to build warehousing. “The decision that has been made, which is to effectively declare the DeWitt rail yard as the only viable site for a central New York inland port, is inaccurate, represents a failure for this process, and represents a massive missed opportunity for central New York,” Simpson said.

National Drunk Driving Crackdown Underway

ROCHESTER (WXXI) – Governor Cuomo has announced that local law enforcement will be joining New York State Police in a national enforcement initiative to crack down on impaired driving this holiday season. The campaign starts today and runs through the end of the month. It also includes a special enforcement over the New Year’s holiday. Trooper Mark O’Donnell from the state police says there are many different ways people can get to and from holiday gatherings safely, starting with a designated driver. “By making a plan ahead of time.  Obviously Uber is now available in New York State, there’s taxis, and there are some organizations that may offer free rides,” he said.

New HELP Truck Available To Troubled Motorists On Central NY highways

SYRACUSE (WRVO) – There’s a new way for disabled motorists to get help on a couple of major interstate highways in Onondaga County. The State Department of Transportation has expanded the HELP Roadside Service to central New York. Assistant DOT Commissioner Sean Hennessey says the emergency local service has started patrolling a 70-mile stretch of Interstate’s 81 and 690 during morning and evening rush hour. “If somebody breaks down, maybe a flat tire, a bad battery, or a number of minor issues when it comes to mechanical issues, we’ll be able to address those on site,” Hennessey said. “Basically what people do is call 911.