Upstate Congress Members Vote With Their Parties On Impeachment

“I went back this weekend, and laid out all the transcripts on my table, got the highlighter out, made lots of notes, reviewed several articles about impeachment, looked at some articles that were written by constitutional law experts and ultimately came to the conclusion that there was sufficient evidence to move forward.”

Demonstrators hold signs in support of trans equality outside the White House on Monday. The Trump administration is reportedly considering defining "sex" in a way that would restrict civil rights protections to transgender Americans.

New York’s Trans People Say They #WontBeErased

“The agency’s proposed definition would define sex as either male or female, unchangeable, and determined by the genitals that a person is born with,” The New York Times reported. Reaction was swift.

President Trump Visits Upstate NY Today

ROCHESTER, NY (WXXI) – President Donald Trump will be in Upstate New York on Monday, making a couple of stops.  He will first travel to Fort Drum on Monday afternoon where he will sign the National Defense Authorization Act.

SUNY Chancellor: Trump Budget Would Be ‘Devastating’


ALBANY (WSKG) – The outgoing chancellor of New York’s state university system said President Donald Trump’s budget, if enacted, would seriously hamper the chances for many of New York’s young people to attend college.  SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher said cuts to programs that help disadvantaged high school students gain the opportunity to attend college, as well as reductions to federal college aid and cuts to medical research, including cancer research, would have a huge negative impact on New York’s colleges. “It would have a devastating effect on access,” Zimpher said. Zimpher spoke to public radio and television as she ends an eight-year term as the head of one the nation’s largest university systems next month. 

Poll Shows Trump, Congress Deeply Unpopular In NY


ALBANY (WKSG) – President Donald Trump, who’s never been very popular in New York, has reached an all-time low in the opinions of voters, according to a new poll. According to the Siena College survey, Trump is viewed unfavorably by about two-thirds — 65 percent — of New Yorkers, with only his core base of some of the state’s Republicans still standing by the president. Sixty-three percent of registered GOP members who were surveyed believe Trump is doing an excellent or good job in office. Only about a quarter of New Yorkers overall like the president’s job performance, and 57 percent say he’s doing a “poor job” in office, said Siena’s Steve Greenberg. “There’s a lot of dissatisfaction with what’s going on in Washington, D.C., right now,” Greenberg said.


PA’s Governor Sends Letter To White House Opposing AHCA

HARRISBURG (WSKG) — Governor Tom Wolf has already been vocal about his opposition to the American Health Care Act–the Affordable Care Act replacement written and passed by Congressional Republicans.  But this week, he put it in writing. Wolf sent a letter to the Trump administration detailing how the AHCA’s already complicating the state’s budgeting process and could derail its efforts battling the opioid crisis. The letter is addressed to Jared Kushner, who’s the Trump administration’s point person on the national opioid epidemic. In it, Wolf argued the AHCA would be a blow to state programs that help people addicted to opioids, because it lets states treat drug problems as preexisting conditions that don’t require coverage.  But he also noted that regardless of the resolution, the ongoing federal uproar healthcare is making it near-impossible right now to budget for healthcare costs on the state level. “I’m always thinking about what I might do from a contingent point of view, and there are a lot of different options.


The Trump Resistance Works To Find Its Feet In PA

HARRISBURG (WSKG) — On a rainy Saturday afternoon, a group of about 50 activists are gathered in a conference room in Harrisburg.  There are people from across the state here. Some are well-established, like Planned Parenthood or unions like AFSCME–which owns the conference center where the meeting’s being held. But many others are new–they popped up almost spontaneously after Donald Trump was elected president.  As a whole, these groups form a new coalition called Pennsylvania Together. This is its first conference, and it marks the first time many of them are meeting each other in person. “For me, as for many people, the day of the election was absolutely devastating,” said organizer Hannah Burton Laurison when asked what prompted all this.


NY Governor Disagrees With President’s Views On Gov’t Shutdown

ALBANY (WSKG) – Governor Andrew Cuomo took a swipe at President Trump’s recent tweet saying that the federal government needs a “good” shutdown.  Cuomo rarely criticizes President Trump by name, though the New York governor does frequently rail against federal Republican proposals, like repealing Obamacare.  Cuomo was  asked by reporters about Trump’s tweet saying that a government shut down in the fall might reap positive results. He says when he was HUD Secretary for former President Bill Clinton, he lived through two shutdowns, and he says it’s a “failure of the process”. “I think it’s the last thing this country needs now,” said Cuomo . “a shutdown would just say, ‘you’ve taken gridlock to a new level’.” The governor says he doesn’t know the details of the President’s’ planned trip to New York Thursday, the first trip back since Trump has been President, and does not know if he’s been invited to any of the events scheduled .


Trump Attacks Media In Defiant Pennsylvania Speech

HARRISBURG (WSKG) — President Donald Trump held a rally in Harrisburg for his hundredth day in office, fresh off a frustrating week in Washington.  After pushes to resuscitate the House GOP’s healthcare bill and pass a spending plan for the year, neither got much traction. A government shutdown was averted for at least a week. But nevertheless, it was a defiant Trump who arrived at the Farm Show Complex, and an enthusiastic crowd that embraced him. The president kicked off his speech to a mostly-full arena with an airing of grievances, directed at one of his favorite targets. “The media,” he said, “deserves a very, very big fat failing grade” for covering his first 100 days in office.

NY State Lawmakers Push For Law To Release Trump’s Tax Returns


  Several New York state lawmakers are sponsoring a bill that they say would force President Donald Trump to make his state tax returns public.  Trump broke with a more than 40-year tradition of presidential candidates and presidents voluntarily releasing their tax returns. Trump has said he can’t release his returns because he is under audit.  In the 1970s, President Richard Nixon began the practice of releasing the tax filings, even though Nixon himself was under federal audit at the time. Since then, every president has voluntarily released his tax returns. Democrats in the New York State Legislature say they’d like to make that practice mandatory, not voluntary, and believe they have the power to do it. Assemblyman David Buchwald, who is also a tax attorney, said the bill also covers both U.S. senators and statewide elected officials including the governor, state comptroller and state attorney general, all of whom routinely make their tax returns available.


President Trump’s First 100 Days, Annotated

Before his election, back in October, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump laid out a 100 Day Action Plan. He called it his Contract With The American Voter.  Among other things, it called for the full repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, suspension of immigration from certain “terror-prone regions,” and the lifting of “roadblocks” to let “infrastructure projects like the Keystone Pipeline move forward.” The 100-day mark is not an official milestone, but it is a traditional point to take stock of a new presidential administration. Throughout President Trump’s time in office so far, there have been both flurries of action and some setbacks. In many cases, the status of these efforts is not clear-cut, with substantial talk but not yet action.