A Key Third Party In New York Splits Up

A key progressive third party in New York splintered Friday, as two major unions withdrew from the Working Families Party. Those still in the WFP say it makes it more likely that the activist groups remaining in the party will endorse Cynthia Nixon over Governor Andrew Cuomo in a party meeting on Saturday.


Union Leaders Rethink Their Approach In PA

HARRISBURG (WSKG) — Pennsylvania union leaders are attempting to chart a new course after decades of declining membership. As members have dwindled, unions’ once-strong political sway toward the Democratic party has also shifted.  The change was especially apparent last year, when an overwhelming number of white, union or former union members voted for Donald Trump. Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale recently wrapped up what he calls a “listening tour” around the commonwealth. He said in his discussions with current and former members, he often hears that they feel alienated by the left, and by unions themselves. “I think we were speaking too much at them, rather than having conversations with them,” he said.


Ithaca College Non-Tenure Faculty Call Their Contract A “Big Win”

Contingent faculty at Ithaca College and the administration have reached a contract agreement after months of negotiations. Contingent faculty are non-tenure track faculty. Both faculty and the administration said they’re generally pleased with the agreement. There are two big provisions in the contract. Towards pay parity

The first is a raise of $1,025 per 3-credit course for part-time faculty.


Ithaca College Pres. Tom Rochon To Step Down

In a letter addressed to Ithaca College faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents and friends of the school, President Tom Rochon announced he will retire at the end of the 2016-2017 school year, effective July 1, 2017. “I believe it is best for IC to be led in the future by a president chosen by the board specifically to make a fresh start on these challenges, including those that became so apparent to us all last semester,” said Rochon. Last fall, students and faculty organized protests calling on Rochon to step down, amid growing frustration that was a long time in the making. They claimed he had failed to address racial incidents on campus and was leading the school in the wrong direction. Both students and faculty conducted a vote of confidence for Rochon in November and December.


TC3 Adjuncts Fight For Independent Union

Part-time professors at Tompkins Cortland Community College want a union, but not just any union. The college wants its adjuncts to join the full-time faculty union. The adjuncts say they need their own space, and they’re fighting for independence. On a recent weekday, Robert Earle leans back in his chair in front of his class at TC3. Soft jazz plays in the background.


Ithaca College Adjuncts Say ‘Yes’ To Union

Part-time faculty at Ithaca College voted to unionize on Thursday after a 4-month effort. Union “yes” votes prevailed by a margin of 119. “I’m feeling pretty good about that,” says Ithaca College adjunct lecturer Rachel Kaufman. Kaufman helped organize the effort. “A lot of people really want this union,” she says.