Raucous Meeting Leaves PA Lawmakers At-Odds Over Illegal Voting

HARRISBURG (WSKG) — State representatives are trying to figure out how to stop voter registration glitches that have allowed over 500 non-citizens to vote in state and national elections since 2000.  That was the focus of a state government committee hearing Wednesday. But after dissolving into partisan shouting matches several times, lawmakers left the session saying they don’t agree on how to handle the situation–or even how serious it is. Over the last 17 years, roughly 93 million ballots have been cast in Pennsylvania. At least 544 of them came from non-US citizens who were in the country legally, according to the Department of State. That’s roughly one out of every 172,000.


Cuomo Executive Order Aims To Increase Voter Registration

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday announced a series of what he calls “aggressive actions” to expand voter registration, saying he wants to “help combat low voter participation” amid “troubling” attempts by the federal government that might restrict voter access. But a nearly century-old voting rights organization said the governor did not go far enough. Cuomo, in an executive order, directed all state agencies to mail or provide electronic voter registration forms to members of the public who have had contact with the agencies. Cuomo’s chief counsel, Alphonso David, said that includes people who apply for professional and recreational licenses. “The objective here is to make sure that when New Yorkers go in and interface with a state agency for services, they’re also informed about their right to vote,” David said. The Department of Motor Vehicles, which already provides voter forms, would include information about the DMV’s online voter registration process along with all license and registration renewal notices.