Marx Playsets

In the 1950s, Louis Marx and Company began producing elaborate plastic playsets.  
Marx capitalized on the popularity of westerns with their “Fort Apache” and “Roy Rogers,” series. While other Marx playsets were inspired by historical events or popular movies. Marx highly detailed and affordable playsets set the new standard that all later playsets would follow. Variations of Marx style playsets continue to be popular among toy manufacturers today.

Hartland Figurines

During the 1950s, the western was at the height of its popularity, and American toy manufactures moved to capitalize on this trend. Hartland Plastics Co. began producing cowboy figurines in 1953. Hartland modeled many of their figures after the popular TV and movie stars of the time – including James Arness, Gail Davis, and of course Roy Rogers with his faithful horse Trigger. The arrival of the space age in the 1960s, brought about the decline of interest in westerns and an end to Hartland’s western Line.