Art Exhibit Opens Saturday in Windsor

The work of 48 artists will be on display in the Member Show at the Windsor Whip Works exhibit. An opening reception takes place on February 27 at 6 p.m. and the exhibition will be on display through April 2nd. Bill Pesce, co-founder of the arts center, spoke with Crystal Sarakas about the upcoming show.  

Works by three artists at the Windsor Whipworks Gallery

Windsor Whip Works owner Bill Pesce and exhibiting artist Orazio Salati speak with WSKG’s Bill Snyder about a new exhibit opening.  Along with Salati’s work, there will be pieces by Mark Schimsky and Roberto Bertoia. Salati talks about his process of painting with wax and using a blowtorch to spread and mix the colors.


Photograph courtesy Orazio Salati.

Windsor Whipworks presents a talk by violin-makers

Violin-makers Jon Thompson and Christoph Blumrich speak with WSKG’s Bill Snyder about their talk and demonstration — and Christoph brought his home-made baryton! The baryton enjoyed a brief vogue in the early 1800s. Haydn’s patron Prince Esterhazy played the instrument and Haydn wrote quite a few works for the Prince to play.

Photograph provided by Christoph Blumrich