Women in STEM

Each day, women are making strides across fields in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Historically, these Women in STEM have gone unrecognized, preventing young women from having access to role models who look like them. To change that, we have to start creating that representation. https://youtu.be/DqHO97LkVHU

Young women should be able to see someone who looks like them succeeding in the professional world. This creates STEM identity, which is the power of representation and sense of belonging creating purpose and sense of worth in associated fields.  This can benefit future generations as more people feel comfortable to explore their interests.  The Women in STEM project aims to demonstrate that there is no one “face of STEM”, it is ambiguous.

Women In STEM – Engineering

The Women in STEM project explores engineering and the vast opportunities that are available,  even a brief glance of the engineering world – demonstrates this.  The Women in STEM Engineering spotlight is composed of quality, software, mechanical, and electrical engineers, as well as women involved in environmental and fluid mechanics and management.  The many achievements of each of these women provide an example of the intricacies of engineering and the potential for success throughout this branch of STEM.  The work done by Mativetsky, Hamilton, Adler, Wang, Bryant, and Nucci demonstrate the incredible possibilities for Women in Engineering, and Women in STEM.  To learn more about our six Women in Engineering, read their individual summaries below, follow us at @WSKGScience on Instagram or on Twitter @NancyCoddington @JulD22 for more inspiring #WomenInSTEM.  

Hadassah Mativetsky
Hadassah Mativetsky is currently a Quality Engineer at Universal Instruments where she manages product quality for the high-tech assembly equipment used to populate circuit boards; which are used in devices we use every day, such as: phones, tablets, fitness trackers, and more. Currently she serves in local leadership for American Society for Quality and Toastmasters International. In 2019, she received the Paul A Robert Award from the Binghamton Section of the American Society for Quality, Division Director of the Year Award from District 65 of Toastmasters International, and was a finalist for the Engineering HYPE award from the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce. 

Hadassah holds a BA in Math with a minor in Russian and Eastern European Studies and a MS in Systems Science, both from Binghamton University. She regularly volunteers with many Binghamton University programs including supporting Harpur Edge, Fleishman Career Development Center, Watson School, Undergraduate Admissions, and Emerging Leaders Program.