Being Poor: Real Stories of Hope

Connect: NY explores those programs and individuals who are making headway in the fight against poverty in New York State.  How they are changing the trajectory of people’s lives, what tools they use to accomplish their goals – and how their work benefits us all – on this important finale episode of our Connect: NY poverty series. We meet a supervisor and bakery employee who have experienced an entire overhaul in lifestyle since beginning their work with Greyston.   We bring you their stories and an inspiring look at what can happen when a company is willing to take a risk on those in society who are left behind. Joining host Susan Arbetter for a follow up panel discussion in studio are:

Roy Reehil – Oswego County Legislator
Michael Kink, Executive Director – Strong Economy for All Coalition
Diane Cooper-Currier, Executive Director, Oswego County Opportunities
Ruth Pelham – Founder, Music Mobile

Watch on WSKG TV Monday, June 19, 2017 at 9:00pm.

Being Poor: Meet ALICE, the Working Poor

This episode is the fifth in the new six-part series “Being Poor in New York State.” WCNY director of public affairs, Susan Arbetter hosts this program where we explore what it looks like to live in New York State without enough food, clothing, housing, money or means.  Being poor often means a daily struggle to fight a system seemingly stacked against those on the margins of society, while also fighting against desperation and hopelessness. In this WCNY six-part “Connect: NY” series, viewers are exposed to the world of poverty in New York State and the choices and sacrifices both the urban and rural poor must make every day to survive. Who are the working poor?  If you are working one job or multiple jobs, is it still possible to fall short financially when it comes to affording the basic necessities of life? The United Way’s study of financial hardship, nicknamed “ALICE” referring to Asset Limited,Income Constrained, Employed individuals aims to answer these questions and provide a broader picture of financial insecurity than just state and federal poverty guidelines.

'Being Poor: Dope, but no Hope'

The Connect: NY series explores statewide issues of critical importance with monthly, one-hour panel discussions. This episode, ‘Being Poor: Dope, but no Hope’, continues to focus on poverty by looking at those with drug addictions and continuous illegal drug usage and how their situations often spiral into a circumstance where they are living in poverty.  While much of New York State, and much of the nation has been dealing with an opiod crisis, young people in the Southern Tier face the additional burden of a stagnant economy.  Many attribute the staggering rise in opioid addiction and deaths to a lack of hope about the future. Panelists joining the show:

Dr. Indu Gupta, Onondaga County Health Director/co-chair of the Onondaga County Opioid Taskforce

Professor Dessa Bergen-Cico, Fellow of the American Academy of Health Care Providers in the Addictive Disorders, Associate Professor Department of Public Health, Syracuse University

Alexis Pleus, Mother who lost her son to drug addiction/Founder of TruthPharm, Inc., a national advocacy 501c3 non-profit organization. Truth Pharm, based in Broome County, is working to raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with substance use disorders, and advocating for policy change to improve treatment options

Stephanie Campbell, Acting Executive Director, Friends of Recovery – Albany, New York. Watch this new episode on Monday, March 27, 2017 at 9:00pm. 
Join us as we uncover compelling and unexpected stories throughout New York State and the history and systemic forces influencing current realities. Connect: NY is produced by WCNY (Syracuse, NY) and aired in partnership with WSKG.