The Revelers, a Cajun/zydeco concert

On Saturday, August 7, the West Kortright Centre presents The Revelers, a Cajun/zydeco band from Lafayette, Louisiana. This GRAMMY-nominated supergroup brings together founding members of the Red Stick Ramblers and the Pine Leaf Boys—two bands at the vanguard of the Louisiana cultural renaissance. Featuring two fiddlers—Daniel Coolik and Blake Miller (also on accordion and vocals)—with guitarist Chas Justus, saxophonist Chris Miller, bassist Eric Frey, and drummer/singer Glenn Fields, The Revelers play with a sense of empathy and depth that can only be fostered after years of making music together. These talented musicians have spent their careers digging deep into the dancehall traditions of Southwest Louisiana, emerging with an arsenal they call “Louisiana Jukebox Music.” Critics prefer to categorize music into clear genre styles, but that’s not really the way folk traditions develop—things are passed around, the lines are blurred, particularly in a culture as unique as that of SW Louisiana. The Revelers have embraced this musical truth, integrating traditional Cajun, country, zydeco, ‘50’s swamp-pop, and blues, honing these wide-ranging styles into an extremely cohesive performance.