The Holidays Continue for Let's Polka!


WSKG Arts isn’t quite ready to give up on the Holiday Season yet and we are proud to present two programs featuring the incomparable John Stevens’ Doubleshot.

Doubleshot is based in Central Pennsylvania and have released nearly twenty albums since their formation in the mid-1990’s. The band travels all across the east coast and midwest spreading their polka cheer to adoring fans with an eclectic set list and a charismatic stage presence. In addition to playing polka classics, John has also written nearly fifty original tunes during his career.

To celebrate the holiday season John has added some special tunes to each of the shows set lists. These include “My Christmas Dream Come True”, “My Angel Polka”, and “Stand and Sing Merry Christmas.” John is joined on-stage by Joe Kryzsik (accordion), Jeff Teufel (trumpet/back up vocals), Paul Chmil (trumpet), and Jason Flynn (drums). The programs are hosted by Bill Flynn and he interviews John in each episode.

1) Everyone’s Having Fun
2) Please Come Back
3) Pierogi Fest
4) You Are My Darling Angel Waltz
5) My Christmas Dream Come True
6) Tuning Up The Fiddles

1) Gonna Have A Party
2) Polka Weekend Fun
3) My Angel Polka
4) Stand and Sing Merry Christmas
5) Wanda’s Polka
6) Pennsylvania Hills

Please contact Chris DiRienzo at 607-729-0100 (ext. 385) if you are interested in joining WSKG’s Let’s Polka Club. Member benefits include two tickets for every Let’s Polka performance at the WSKG Studios, a pre-show reception and polka perks throughout the year!