The Joe Weber Band, Show Three


The Joe Weber Band returns to entertain the Let’s Polka audience in this episode of WSKG’s locally produced program. Joe and his sister, Sue Rabenold, both supply strong vocal performances for this German style band. They are backed by saxophonist Dick Doddy and percussionist Billy Yob. Watch for set highlight, the ‘Blue Danube Waltz’, which puts a different spin on a very well-known composition. Show host Bill Flynn also interviews Joe during the half hour and he describes what it takes to mold a song such as ‘Blue Danube’ into a polka tune.

“Good Luck Polka”
“Fischerin von Bodensee”
“Blue Danube Waltz”
“Vienna Forever”
“Frau Meier”
“My Alice Waltz”
“Ziepfel Eine Ziepfel Ause”

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