The Joe Weber Band, Show Two


The Joe Weber Band returns to WSKG’s Let’s Polka with another set of polka classics. This German style band hails from the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania and the studio audience was glad they made the trip to Binghamton. Joe puts down the accordion for this program and plays an entire set with his button box. He is accompanied by his sister Sue Rabenold on vocals, Dick Doddy on saxophone and Billy Yob behind the drum kit. Performances include ‘Mountain Climber Polka’, ‘I Needed You Waltz’ and ‘Old Timers Polka’. Hosted by Bill Flynn.

“Prosit Freunde”
“Mountain Climber Polka”
“Charm of Your Beautiful Dark Eyes”
“I Needed You Waltz”
“Old Timers Polka”
“Come to the Mountain”
“El Rio”

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