The Maestro's Men, Show Two


WSKG Arts is proud to welcome Polka Hall-of-Famer Dennis Polisky and his Maestro’s Men back to the Let’s Polka stage for another half hour of toe-tapping fun. Dennis and the band wowed our studio audience with an eclectic mix of songs that drew upon their over twenty years of playing together. Dennis was joined on-stage by fellow Polka Hall-of-Famer Jackie Libera (keyboard and vocals), Rich Bernier (accordion and vocals), Andrew Galarneau (trumpet), Jim Motyka (trumpet) and Ken Yash (drums). The chemistry this band has together is extraordinary and is highlighted on tunes such as “Holiday in Poland”, “Before I Met You” and “Sax on the Beach” (in which Dennis plays the saxophone with extreme ferocity). Bill Flynn hosts and interviews Dennis after the recording to discuss his long and successful polka career.

1) “Music and Girls Polka”
2) “Holiday in Poland”
3) “When I Was Marching Polka”
4) “Anniversary Oberek”
5) “Sax on the Beach Polka”
6) “Before I Met You”

POLKA FACT: The polka was the second closed position couples dance to be introduced to the world with the waltz being the first.

POLKA CLUB: Please contact Chris DiRienzo at (607) 729-0100 ext. 385 if you would like to join WSKG’s Polka Club!