The Piatkowski Brothers, Show One


WSKG’s locally produced Let’s Polka, hosted by Bill Flynn, is a half hour of toe-tapping fun and excitement. Tremendous local polka bands take the stage for our studio audience, who participate by showing off their polka moves on the dance floor. This episode features The Piatkowski Brothers from Syracuse, New York. These veterans of the polka scene have been performing for over thirty years in various incarnations and have put together a dynamic set for your enjoyment. From fast moving polkas to soft, tender waltzes this episode has something for every polka fan.

“Binghamton Bill”
“My Krakowianka”
“Lucky Stop”
“Never Ending Love”
“Champagne Polka”
“Daughters Waltz”
“Congratulations Polka”

LET’S POLKA FACTS: The accordion’s basic form is believed to have been invented in Berlin in 1822

The Italian cities of Stradella and Castelfidardo are well know for manufacturing accordions