The Piatkowski Brothers, Show Three


Let’s Polka welcomes back The Piatkowski Brothers for another half hour of polka fun! This dynamic band from the Syracuse area have been playing polkas for close to thirty years and the live studio audience was captivated by their showmanship. Performances include “Rosie From Jersey”, “We Left Our Wives At Home” and “Take My Hand Forever”. Bill Flynn hosts and interviews bassist Mark Trzpacz, who talks about his time with the great polka band, The Dynatones. Push aside your living room furniture and dance along to another great episode of Let’s Polka!

1) “Rosie From Jersey”
2) “Take Me Baby”
3) “We Left Our Wives At Home”
4) “Crying Time”
5) “What You Got”
6) “There’s Pretty Girls In Chicago”
7) “Take My Hand Forever”

POLKA FACT: Polka was introduced to America in 1844 and was a popular ballroom dance for the next 50 years.