The Power Of Curiosity: Why We Lose It And How To Develop It


ROCHESTER, NY (WXXI) – Do a quick online search and you will find numerous references to the benefits of curiosity.

It fuels creativity, invention, intelligence, better relationships, and more attractive physical appearance, according to Mike Johansson, principal lecturer at the Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Communications.


“I think the internet is to blame, actually, for a lot of us losing our curiosity mojo,” he explained.

“We can go to the internet and find something very quickly, but if you think of the internet as a huge ocean of information, we go and we do a search and see a couple of results, click on a headline, and go somewhere else. That’s not curiosity, that’s barely dipping your toe into the ocean.”

Johansson said one way to feed and develop curious minds is to ask good questions and truly listen for the answers.