To Help The Great Lakes, Give Up Plastics For Lent


Effigy of a lady in Wolferlow, St. Andrew, Hereford COURTESY OF ANGLICAN CHURCH

For Christians, the weeks leading up to Easter are a time of sacrifice. And many observe by giving up chocolate, alcohol or other treats.

But the Anglican Church has another suggestion this year. It’s urging members to take the Lent Plastics Challenge and reduce their use of straws, cups, bottles and many other plastic products.

Noting that a patch of garbage in the Pacific Ocean is thought to be six times the size of the United Kingdom, the church asks members to follow the mission “to safeguard the integrity of creation and to sustain the life of the earth.”

Of course, Great Lakes Today is non-denominational. But reducing the use of plastics — which pollute waters and cause other problems — makes sense for everyone.

The church has suggestions for each day of the Lenten calendar.

Some examples: Buy food and other supplies in bulk to cut down on packaging, use bar soap instead of liquid soap, wear clothes made of wool or cotton rather than synthetics. There’s also this very British idea: Try using a fountain pen.

The church has even set up a Plastic-Less Lent 2018 Facebook page to share experiences.

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