Today’s The Deadline For New Yorkers To Register To Vote In November Elections


ITHACA, NY (WSKG) – People have been lining up outside the Tompkins County Board of Elections well before they open in order to get registered.

But, you don’t have to register in person, the form is available online.

If you’re mailing it in today, Kari Stamm with the BOE, says an extra step will ensure your registration is processed.

“We recommend that you go, actually into the post office and have them stamp it in front of you. Don’t just drop it in the mailbox because we get mail without postmarks and then we can’t count it, unfortunately.”

Earlier this year New York governor, Andrew Cuomo began issuing “conditional pardons” to allow some people on parole to regain their voting rights.

“If you have served your sentence, you are eligible to re-register. If there’s any confusion,” she says. “if they’re still on parole, they should check with their parole officer.”

After a person serves a felony sentence, their voting rights are automatically restored, under certain circumstances. The state has a website where you can look up your eligibility.

New York state law already allows people on probation to re-register and vote.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, New York state has a law that allows you to keep your registration information confidential. To find out what’s required, contact your county board of election.