Tony Blazonczyk's New Phase, Show Three


WSKG Arts is proud to bring in a polka band all the way from Chicago on this episode of Let’s Polka. Tony Blazonczyk and the New Phaze band once again entertain WSKG’s live studio audience with an eclectic set of polka tunes. Move aside your furniture and dance along to classics such as the “Love Em & Leave Em Polka”, “Bandleader’s Polka” and ‘Walk Through This World With Me Waltz”. Tony is joined on-stage by Tim Jagodzinski (concertina), John Fuzmaniak (accordion), Melvin Rzeszutko (drummer), CJ Lackowski (trumpet), Dan Levdanski (trumpet, clarinet, saxophone). The program is hosted by Bill Flynn, who also interviews Tony about his career and his family’s rich polka history.

1) “Love ’em & Leave ’em Polka”
2) “TJ’s Favorite Polka Medley”
3) “My Daughter’s Oberek”
4) “Bandleader’s Polka”
5) “Walk Through This World With Me Waltz”
6) “Going to Poland Polka”

POLKA FACT: A 19th century European peasant girl named Anna Slezak is credited for inventing the polka dance steps.

WSKG POLKA CLUB: Please contact WSKG’s Chris DiRienzo if you would like to join WSKG’s Let’s Polka Club. Members are guaranteed audience spots for every Let’s Polka recording as well as other polka perks throughout the year. Please call 607-729-0100 ext. 385 for more information.