Tenor Tony Villecco Appears On Expressions


Expressions returns with a new episode featuring ‘Tenor’ Tony Villecco singing a set of baroque era songs in a special on-location performance. Tony has been performing since he was ten years old and has spent the last five decades entertaining audiences with his angelic voice and easygoing charm.

The performance was recorded at the St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Binghamton and Tony was accompanied by a seasoned group of local musicians including John Isenberg, Marijane Wojtowitz, Joanne Peters and Melanie Valencia. The setlist includes pieces from Georg Handel, and ‘Ave Maria’ by Caccini. Program is hosted by Adara Alston.

Check out this promo and be watching WSKG-TV on Friday, March 11th at 8:30 for the full episode. You can also stream the episode live from wskg.org.